Auction Previews

Below you will find many sample previews of various items in the overall collection that are being auctioned now at the Flyboy45  site on Ebay. or will be auctioned in the future. Some of them have already sold, but the photos are being left for those who enjoy viewing them. Currently many of  “the flying pulps”, also known as aviation/war pulps, are listed on Ebay and will continue over the next few months. Most of these issues are from 1928 to 1950.

Our seller account on Ebay is FlyBoy45. Simply enter that account name in the Ebay search box and when you see a title you are interested, like “G-8 and His Battle Aces” for example, click on that and you will then find access to all of the issues we have listed of that title.  Several issues of other pulp fiction titles from the estate collection are also listed there often. You can sign up at Ebay to stay informed via email regarding our auction listings there via their “follow this seller” option.

Aviation, war, and hero pulp magazine titles that will be listed in the coming months include Wings, Aces, Bill Barnes, George Bruce, Squadron, Contact, Battle Birds, Daredevil Aces, Sky Fighters, Sky Riders, Sky Birds, Lone Eagle, Sky Raiders, Sky Devils, Air Trails, War Birds, and a few other pulp magazine favorites from other categories such as Detective/Mystery, Westerns, science fiction, etc. Sign up for the newsletter and if you have a “want list” of pulp magazines send it to:

Samples of other categories in the overall collection will gradually be posted below. Aviation non-fiction magazines in the collection dating from 1910-1980 include Air Classics, Aviation,Wings, Flying Aces, Aero Digest, Western Flying, Skyways, Sportsman Pilot, Air Trails, Flight, Cross and Cockade, American Aviation Historical Society, Model Airplane News, Over The Front, Popular Flying, and others.

preview av pulps 002  preview av pulps 003


~ Original oil paintings by the renowned Frederick Blakeslee  ~

The original oil painting below by Frederick Blakeslee was used for the December 1933 issue of  “Battle Birds” pulp fiction magazine, a very good copy of which will be included with the painting. The magazine also contains some illustration art by Mr. Blakeslee. The battle scene  features  a French Spad XIII diving on a German Gotha bomber with a German Fokker DVII in pursuit. The painting is shown in its current frame and also in three other cropped views for potential buyers to imagine other framing if desired.


resized_1Blakeslee Battle Birds 12-33 012                      resized_6Blakeslee Battle Birds 12-33 009       


resized_7Blakeslee Battle Birds 12-33 007 cropped



resized_8 8Blakeslee Battle Birds 12-33 007 no red blue


resized_9 9Blakeslee Battle Birds cropped in frame



The Frederick Blakeslee original painting below was used for the June 1943 issue of the pulp fiction magazine, “G-8 and his Battle Aces”, a very good copy of which will be included with the painting.


resized_0Blakeslee G-8 set 002          resized_1Blakeslee G-8 set 005


The original oil painting below by Frederick Blakeslee  was used for the April 1933 issue of “Battle Birds”, a very good copy of which will be included with the painting.


Blakeslee Battle Birds 4-33 set 004      Blakeslee Battle Birds 4-33 set 007 Blakeslee Battle Birds 4-33 set 009

The original oil painting below by Frederick Blakeslee was used for the cover of the July 1932 issue of “Daredevil Aces” and  it features some of his most impressive work. Mr. Blakeslee explains the story behind the painting in a article in the magazine entitled, “The Balloon Busters”, wherein he refers to famous aces, Frank Luke and Georges Guynemer, as well as the famous Spad fighter, “Vieux Charles”. Shown thereafter in relevance is an article entitled, “Frank Luke, Balloon Buster” in the the November 1931 issue of “War Birds” featuring a picture of Frank Luke. The cover art appears to be a depiction of Frank Luke in action with a remnant of his latest victory wrapped on to his plane by the wind.  This issue will be auctioned separately when the painting is auctioned.


Blakeslee Dare-Devil Aces 7-32 set 001    Blakeslee Dare-Devil Aces 7-32 set 003 Blakeslee Dare-Devil Aces 7-32 set 005


Blakeslee Dare-Devil Aces 7-32 set 009 Blakeslee Dare-Devil Aces 7-32 set 008 Frank Luke issue 001 Frank Luke issue 002 Frank Luke issue 006


Below are examples of  some of the coveted  #1 issues in the Herman L. Schreiner  pulp fiction magazine collection, yet to be auctioned or which may have already been  sold. The first two are signed by famous pulp magazine publisher, Harry Steeger. The “Dan Dunn”  and “Spicy Western” are the #2 issues.


resized_1Auction Previews 008  resized_2Auction Previews 010  resized_3Auction Previews 004  resized_4Auction Previews 015  resized_5Auction Previews 011  resized_7Auction Previews 012     resized_auction previews 004    resized_auction previews 007  resized_auction previews 006 resized_auction previews 003  resized_Auction Previews 016  resized_1st edition aviation 001  resized_1st edition aviation 002            resized_1st edition aviation 007

Below is a Jan. 1933 issue of “Flying Aces” signed on the cover by prolific author, Joe Archibald, and also signed on the first page of his story inside, “The Bull Fight”. The owner of the issue at that time, Al Grossman, was one of the biggest pulp fiction collectors of his era. His vast collection was sold during the fifties in Hollywood.

Flying Aces joe Archibald 001 Flying Aces joe Archibald 008


The following original of the “Aces High” comic by George Evans is dated April 4, 1955.

Aviation art 002

The following  print signed by WWI ace, Lt. A. Raymond Brooks, is 407/1250 and features artist Ray Grimnell’s depiction of Brook’s last victory flying with the 22nd Aero Squadron on Oct. 9, 1918, over Aincreville, France. Its framed size is 32″ x 25.5″. It also displays an original signature by the artist.

Aviation art 010


The following framed tapestry appears to be silk needlepoint.  The framed dimension is 64″ x 28″ and the tapestry is 58″ x 20″.  The artist and year made is currently unknown by the estate. There is an extensive collection of books, art, and memorabilia regarding Lindbergh in the estate collection.

Lindbergh picture 011 Lindbergh picture 013 Lindbergh picture 012 Lindbergh picture 019 Lindbergh picture 017 Lindbergh picture 030



The following  pilot’s flight helmet and goggles belonged to the WWI ace, Capt. Ray Brooks. These were obtained from the collection of Charles Donald, who corresponded and traded frequently with Herm Schreiner.

Ray Brooks helmet and goggles 002 Ray Brooks helmet and goggles 003 Ray Brooks helmet and goggles 005


The following  original velvet wall hanging was painted by Alfreda Boggeln (1897-1995) of a courtyard in one of the  missions in   California, such as Mission San Juan Capistrano. The velvet measures 55″ wide by 50″ tall and the ornate rod is 72″ long.


resized_Boggeln velvet 004



Insignia fabric 006          Insignia fabric 004         Insignia fabric 009


Insignia fabric 021           Insignia fabric 024


The following documents belonged to Sargent Dabney Horton, aka Charles Dabney Horton, an American who became a versatile combat pilot flying with the LaFayette Flying Corps in France during WWI. He flew virtually every kind of combat mission with four different squadrons and was awarded the Croix de Guerre with star at the end of the war. Images below include his photo ID and flight record. Many years later he became a successful writer whose stories were published in over one hundred pulp fiction magazines, including “Air Stories, “Aces”,  and “Wings” wherein his military adventures in France during the war impart a savvy wit to his writings.


Dabney Horton 009     Dabney Horton 008    Dabney Horton 006   Dabney Horton 015


Dabney Horton’s signed first edition copy

with his comments written in the margins.

resized_1st edition aviation 011