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Mr. Schreiner built his collections over a period of seventy years,  particularly during the many years he was a director of the American Aviation Historical Society and also while he was operating his business, “WINGS, LTD”. He traded with well-known collectors such as Charles Donald, Sid Brad, George Hocutt, Jack Deveny, and Nils Hardin.

Purchases  of $50 or more from the H.L. “Duke” Schreiner estate will, upon request, receive a  Certificate of Authenticity (click on the image to the left)  signed by the estate’s trustee, Carlton Schreiner. He has has been gradually selling the collection via the Ebay seller name, Flyboy45,  and also via direct sales for over six years now. The  certificates are  beautifully printed on card stock and cut to 7″ x 10″,  a common size of pulp magazines, which Mr. Schreiner was an avid collector of.  Smaller purchases may obtain a certificate for an additional $5.00.

If you would like to receive an email when the items you are interested in become available for direct sale or online auction,  kindly use the secure collection sign up area located in the side bar on this page or on the home page.  You may contact Carlton Schreiner with any questions or offers by using the site contact form or emailing him at

Some of the items will be available very soon and others will take several months or longer. Many collectibles have not yet been listed at all. Your patience is appreciated.  As of September, 2018, all of the pulp fiction magazine genres out of the 5,000 magazine collection have been sold except for about 80 remaining aviation/war pulps, and a small number of Westerns and anthologies. Five of the eight Blakeslee oil paintings have been sold.  Some first edition hard backs have been sold, but many more will follow, including autographed ones at the Flyboy45  Ebay auctions. The Dabney Horton relics, as well as a collection of the aviation pulp magazines in which some his stories were published, are still available.

A few photos follow of Duke’s teenage years in Hastings, Nebraska, before he enlisted in the Naval Air Forces during WWII. After  receiving his wings as a multi-engine pilot, he met his future wife, Byrnece Bryson, in Santa Monica, California. They graduated in the same college class at UCLA. After working with his brother at McDonnel Douglas,  Duke went into a career as a marketing executive with Sylvania Electric, and Byrnece, known as “Nikki”,  entered a career as a school teacher and later she became an author and a publisher. More photos of Duke’s interesting life will be posted soon.

1940 Super Buchaneer008 Cowboy Duke 1939 Hastings Schreiners '44  Duke Schreiner             Navy regiment officer      Herm and Nikki  UCLA grads