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certificate of authenticityMr. Schreiner built his collections over a period of seventy years and particularly during the years he was a director of the American Aviation Historical Society and operating his business, “WINGS, LTD”. He traded with well-known collectors such as Charles Donald, Sid Brad, George Hocutt, Jack Deveny, and Nils Hardin.

Items from the collection that are being sold on EBay can be seen by doing a search for the Ebay seller name, Flyboy45.

Purchases from Mr. Schreiner’s collection of fifty  dollars or more will receive upon request this Certificate of Authenticity signed by his estate trustee and son, Carlton Schreiner. The certificate is 7” x 10”, the same size as most pulp fiction magazines, which Mr. Schreiner was an avid collector of.

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Some of the items will be available very soon and others will take months. Some collectibles have not yet been listed at all. Your patience is appreciated.

Collection Categories:

  • Pulp fiction magazines, including 1st edition, autographed, and rare issues
  • Original oil paintings by Frederick Blakeslee used for pulp cover art
  • Pulp non-fiction magazines, mostly aviation-related, but others also
  • Original aviation paintings by Alfred Owles and Earl Bittinger
  • First edition fiction and non-fiction books, many rare and autographed
  • Posters and collectibles from Hollywood’s aviation-related blockbusters
  • Rare artifacts related to WWI flying aces and their planes, some WWII
  • Framed/unframed  aviation photos, art prints, posters (some signed)
  • Model airplane kits, airplane plans, vintage propellers, and other relics
  • Rare toy trains and train memorabilia
  • Miscellaneous relics
  • 4′ x 4′ painted velvet wall hanging of Spanish mission by Alfreda Boggeln
  • Historical air races memorabilia
  • Mfg’s brochures, catalogs, manuals
  • Vast collection of war and aviation books/mags/docs/photos 1910s-1990s